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Taam Vatzeva catering

An unforgettable event is never a coincidence… Taam Vatzeva, an Israeli love story

קייטרינג טעם וצבע

Taam Vatzeva cuisine combines a two decades experience in the creation of a high-end catering cuisine characterized by an innovative and modern culinary line. The meals are updated on a regular basis based on cultural influences and leading trends around the world.


Jonah has accumulated over 20 years of knowledge, experience and abilities in the field of premium events in Israel to create a perfect culinary experience, in terms of flavors, service and visual experience.


Whether we serve a piece of meat or fish, duck or chicken, sushi or dim-sum, the chefs of Taam Vatzeva catering make sure to use raw materials of uncompromising quality to provide the guests with an exceptional culinary experience.


The chef, Amit Kaufmann, manages the culinary front of the catering Taam Vatzeva, graduated from the Cordon Bleu in Paris, and has a vast restoration experience in Israel and in France. The culinary style of Amit is characterized by strong modern French and Italian elements with worldwide influences, and a great love for Asian cuisine from Thailand and Vietnam.


“… among the dominant characteristics of Taam Vatzeva, the attention we pay to the quality of the raw materials and maintaining the modernity and innovation…”

Amit Kaufmann, Taam Vatzeva’s chef